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Sojor is capitol’s new little governor

CROSSTALK guest at DYEM BAI RADIO, Administrator Sojor says that he will stick to his principles of good government without being offensive to the administration. He said he will use political diplomacy.


The governor finally appointed the right man as capitol administrator in the person of Dr. Henry Sojor, retired president of the State University. Sojor is now 72 but still as active like he’s 62.

He says, the way “not to get old” is to stay, work , and think with the young. True to what he says, he continues to teach in college, is active in civic works, is a political adviser, and remains an involved citizen.

So what are his duties and responsibilities as provincial administrator?  Here is a comprehensive look at his job description:

  1. Exercise general planning, directing & control over the affairs of the Governor’s Office relating to the Administration &may exercise similar responsibilities over provincial office’s as directed by the governor;
  2. Initiates and establishes policies and standards for the Operation of all offices pursuant to the provincial governor’s objectives and programs of government;
  3. Reviews, approves, plans, and projects proposed by the heads of the administrative and personnel unit;
  4. Prepares and submits an annual budget to the governors, the Provincial Budgets as directed;
  5. Coordinates the Administration of technical services rendered by the Provincial and National agencies relating to social improvement, economical and infrastructure, protective and adjudicative, administrative and political services & confers with the heads of these agencies in evaluating the implementation of plans;
  6. Coordinates with the representatives of the nation governments, private, local of foreign sectors in planning organizing, directing and evaluating plans and programs for the province;
  7. Makes recommendations to the governor for promotion, transfer discharge & appointment;
  8. Represents the Governor at seminars, conferences & ceremonial functions as directed by him; and

Appraises the performance, competence & effectiveness of heads of offices, units and division under him.