Solons’ sincerity


The sudden ballooning of congres-sional fund allocation for all dis-tricts  in the next  national trillion-peso  budget for  election year 2019 is nothing but  re-hash of the old corrupt pork barrel system which this administration  should have SCRAPPED.

But no. Pork Barrel is back in all its form and substance in the guise of “congressional insertions” in next year’s super trillion budget.

Mind you, it is election year. Like it or not, a big chunk will really be used, albeit indirectly, for electioneering. Think about it: every congressman now gets P16M each (or is it P60M each?) for national projects but coursed thru national agencies.

Here’s the bad part: automatic allocation for every congressional representative which is nothing but pork barrel. The only difference is that the congs will request it from the national agencies which is just the same animal.

Money and greed, indeed, begets greed and money. The good purpose of scrapping pork barrel (of whom at least seven legislators are indicted for graft) is to avoid ghost projects and ghost deliveries.

Now it’s back but with better collusions, with national agencies whom we believe would not mind so long as there is kickback. It’s bad, it’s dishonest, it’s insincere, and nothing has changed.  Many legislators are back in their old corrupt congressional ballgame in both houses. The issue is SOLONS’ SINCERITY.

Worse is that a lady solon has about two billion pesos in congressional pork from indirect allocation insertions! We are dismayed. She defends that this is done in a democratic process. But, of course. Everything in the Philippines is legal. Even the illegal is made legal.

Summada total: Duterte has not yet eliminated the chronic national disease of official corruption and illegal drugs. The problem, he realized, is too big for one term.

So choose:  retain a federalized Duterte regime or scrap it and return to our old abominable ways. This is democracy anyway.