Starving the addicts


If the illegal drug trade continues, it is mainly because the source of money to buy drugs from street peddlers are not cut.

Sadly but truly, most of the drug money come from the parents themselves of drug buyers and users. The peddlers have mostly “graduated” from that stage.

And the worst party to join this illegal drug trade are the buyers themselves. If the buyers stop buying, there will be no more drug circulation. Starve the addicts.

However, most drug users continue to ask (or steal) money from parents to buy shabu.We need the parents to cut down, if not minimize, their children’s allowances if they suspect their kids are drug users. Most of all monitor their whereabouts before or after school.

We don’t know yet or it might still be too early to officially know whether the 200 cellphones distributed by the previous mayor to the different barangay sectors and informants have produced positive results in the campaign against the illegal drug trade.

There was that ceremonious publicity stating that the city government secured over P200 thousand worth of cellphones which were given to barangay captains, tanods, and selected intelligence agents in the barrios.

There is no more time for all sectors concerned to point fingers at each other, for the failure to stop the killings because of the competition in the illegal drug trade.

The call of the hour is for all agencies and enforcers alike to produce results by minimizing, if not eliminating, the killings of suspected drug peddlers. Instead just: maim and arrest them and haul them to court to face justice.

Years back, the city distributed those 200 cellphones linked to city hall domain and hoped to create a contact system that will inform the City Mayor about illegal drug trade and transactions going on in the barrios. This is prone to manipulation. Where are these phone now?

For this can work both ways, either the mayor will be informed about illegal drug trade or, on the other hand, use the same cellphones, will be used to forewarn the pushers that law enforcers are coming, which in either way can be counter productive.