Stubborn children


Dealing with stubborn children is a challenge for parents as getting them to do even basic chores like taking a bath, eating a meal or going to bed is an everyday battle.

The best way to deal with a stubborn child is to show him that his misbehavior doesn’t work. Pay attention to his good behavior and tell him good work” and create some sort of reward system…. TV, hug, video game time 30 minutes, etc..

Strong-willed children can be highly intelligent and creative. They ask a lot of questions, which may come across as rebellion. They have opinions and are doers.

Here are a few characteristics that stubborn children have: They have a strong need to be acknowledged and heard so they may seek your attention often. They can be fiercely independent. They are committed on doing what they like. All kids throw temper tantrums, but stubborn ones may do so more often. They have strong leadership qualities they can be at times. They like to do things at their own pace.

Managing a strong-willed child may be difficult, but it is not all bad. Research has proven that children who break the rules often become high achievers in education and their chosen field of work.  They are less likely to follow their friends down the wrong path.

Common Problems.

  1. You can toilet train your three-year-old stubborn and/or aggressive child by:

Talking about it. Explaining to him/her how it is done.
Making it fun – don’t get serious if your kid refuses to use the toilet. Remember that a stubborn child may take longer to learn to use the toilet than an obedient one. It is important that you remain patient and work with your kid to help him reach the goal, rather than push him too hard towards it.

  1. You cannot always feed your kid what he or she wants. One way to make sure your stubborn kids get what is good for them is to make dinner time fun.

Use creative ways to present the food to your little one. Get them involved at the dinner table (ask them to set the table up, serve, help cook, etc.). Encourage them to try the food (just one bite) before rejecting it. Serve them small portions of everything and let them choose. Reward them with a dessert or treat if they finish their meal.

  1. How to punish a stubborn child? Children need rules and discipline. Your kids should know that there will be consequences, good or bad, for their actions.

Make sure that they are fully aware of the consequences of breaking the rules.

Consequences (rewards or punishment) should be immediate. Time-outs, cutting down or giving more playtime or TV time and assigning little chores can be a few ways.  You could also get creative with consequences, based on the problem.  Google search for “Behavioral psychology for children”.

Remember the idea is to but make him realize that his behavior is wrong. Never hit the child, there are better methods. Rewards are more effective than punishments.