Summer despedida: FIRE hits slums

As if bidding adeu to summer, two medium size fires hit the city the details of which are read elsewhere in this edition. (Foto by Fire Marshall staff)

AS IF LIKE A PARTING SHOT to the very dry summer days, a medium size fire broke out on June 2—capping the recored of 22 summer fires in Dumaguete—this time in Baragay Calindagan in an abandoned building at the parking lot of Manhattan Suites. Fortunately, there were no casualties considering that the house was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

In all, throughout summer (March to May) the Dumaguete City Fire Station responded to 22 fire incidents of the following nature: 1 residential, 4 electrical, 11 grass fires, 3 rubbish fires, 1 mercantile and 1 storage.

In the first two months of the year 2019 (January- February), 25 other fire incidents were reported involving 6 residential, 9 electrical, 6 grass fires and 2 rubbish fires.

Question: what were the causes of those summer fires? —so people can be more vigilant next time? Fire Department should explain.