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Swimmer starts at 4 years

At the age of 4 years old, Seth Vicef Culminas Somoza learned to swim with the help of his coach Giles Sojor. Our main goal was to make sure he would know how to swim, since we travel a lot by sea. Also most of the time outings are held in beaches and pools. Though for me, I would have wanted him to try football since it was the sport closest to me.

He tried to join a football summer program and eventually got invited to a 10 and under football team. But if there was one thing he hated about it, it was running. So one day he just said, “I don’t like it anymore.”

Then another summer came, we decided to enroll him in the Milo Summer Sports Clinic, this time on swimming sessions. On the last day, they had this Awarding Ceremony for swimmers and when the Most Outstanding Swimmer on the Beginner’s category was announced, we were astounded to know that it was him. So that became his first ever swimming medal.  – 30 –