That NARCO list


Depending on who is serious:

That’s the long and short of the much talked about Narco- list, meaning politicians who are secretly engaged in the illegal drug trade.

First of all, most Filipinos are  in favor of the release of the Narco List because it  will prove who are serious about the issue:  the accused or the accuser. If the accused has nothing to hide, then he can even sue those who will manufacture charges against him.

If the government is serious, then it should not hesitate to file charges against the accused any time before, during, or after elections.  Otherwise, if there is no case filed, then there are serious doubts about the motives or the facts gathered by government agents.

The trouble is, we don’t know if the government is even sure of their list.  Pres. Duterte has already apologized for mistakes in the past.  How sure are we that the list is already sanitized, authentic, and free from political bias?

The Narco list’s credibility can also be confirmed by the community itself.  In fact, the community   should help in the surveillance because the indictment of those in the list is helping society either get out or continue to wallow themselves in the drug menace.

So we say, release the list but better be sure that a case will be filed otherwise, if government is not sure, then it better restrain   itself from embarrassing innocent would- be public servants.

Finally we challenge the opposition to do what Duterte did: criticize their administration  counterparts. Let the people know why they should not vote for   a certain candidate.   Most importantly,  let the people  alone make the decision and not the good or bad publicity given to such candidate , otherwise, that so called NARCO LIST  will just be a PIECE OF PAPER.