The basic human rights every assertive person possesses


There are complaints of persons who are beset with various tensions and stresses in life. They express attitudes of those who are often unable to accept or adjust to change. But certainly life can and will change. And such change can be for the better. Good and analytical thinking people say that an attitude of positive assertiveness can help towards change. It can help towards change for better and calmer living. They say that assertiveness is the expression of personal emotions, wants and needs. Such open expression is considered necessary. Through an attitude of assertiveness, tension is reduced considerably.

Assertiveness impresses learning not to put you down. An American famous writer, Patricia Jakubowski Spector has drawn a list of basic human rights which every assertive man or woman possesses:

  1. Right to refuse requests without having to feel guilty or selfish.
  2. Right to feel and express anger.
  3. Right to feel and express a healthier competitiveness and achievement drive.
  4. Right to strive for self-actualization through whatever channels one’s talents and interests find natural.
  5. Right to use one’s judgment in deciding which needs are the most important for one to meet.
  6. Right to make mistakes.
  7. Right to have one’s opinions given the same respect and consideration that other people’s opinions are given.
  8. Right to be treated as a capable human adult and not patronized.
  9. Right to have one’s needs to be as important as the needs of other people.
  10. Right to be independent.

So change for the better if one knows and assert the above basic human rights.