The Final Sprint


This week could be the lull before the final surge of the political campaign which resumes after this Holy Week.

For many, the campaign season was no longer as lively as before. Although vote-buying will still mar the election day, the buying spree of votes will not be as intense as those in  Dapitan, Siquijor or Bohol.

We cannot imagine one vote would cost the candidate as high as P12,000 per voter in Dapitan where money has taken over the sacred right of choice. Here we hear, votes only cost P200 to P700 and it’s not worth selling our sacred right and duty of Suffrage.

The final sprint among candidates would mean the full release of their political arsenals like sample ballots, mudslingings, smear campaigns,  leaflets, media blitz, house to house visitations, instant surveys, —hopefully not violence at least here in Dumaguete and suburbs.

The gubernatorial and mayoral race here is not as intense. The incumbents are challenged by new players. Moreover, the coalition mania has again resurfaced this election in Dumaguete and the second district.

The coalition started with the political uncertainties. First, the federal government mania. People would not know to whom to affiliate.  Then the uncertain national budget where some national key officials eyed for a possible slash thru the controversial budget insertions in the billions of pesos. It never happened. The budget is not yet passed and it will be too late to spend it during elections to buy voters influence.

So the contending parties decided to form a coalition in the city. This means the other party will not match the other with an opponent so long as they run unopposed.  Pity the independents, they are on their own, while the coalition is making it convenient for each other.

In the meantime, it’s Palm Sunday today, the start of the Lenten Gloom. As Christians let us reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord and Savior who died for our sins. This is the week we commemorate the sacred events.

So after the lull, it looks like they are now ready for the final sprint as soon as or before Easter morning even rises in the horizon next Sunday.