The message beyond the Christmas Noche Buena and regalo


This isn’t a preachy piece by any means, just a bit of a jolt to our collective consciousness. As we go through the preparations for Christmas, buying groceries and gifts for people close to us and wondering if we may have left someone out, we need to take a step back and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas; why do we celebrate it as the grandest and longest festivity in this part of the world?

Is Christmas just all about parties, sumptuous food, exuberant fun, decorations? Is it enough that we never miss attending the Simbang Gabi, waking up at the early hours of dawn or going to Church late at night to attend the Pre-Christmas masses to meet friends and socialize? When we exchange gifts – the more expensive gifts we give or receive, the better?

All these years, materialistic celebration is all we see when we celebrate Christmas. We forget that Christmas is really a time for celebrating gratitude, love and hope. Our Saviour Jesus Christ was born in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. He came to our lives in all simplicity to save us from our sins. Thus, Christmas should be celebrated in a spirit of gratitude and love, simply but meaningfully.

It’s never easy to veer away from too worldly celebrations but we have to go back to the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. And that is to give thanks and glory to our Lord God who loved us so much that He came to earth, lived and died for us so we may have eternal life with Him in heaven. And this is the Christmas message we have in our hearts…