The more the merrier!


The best lesson our local water providers will soon learn is that  the more the merrier. The more they are here, the more the people will have better choices.  Each one has to out-do the other in terms of prices and services.

The stakeholders especially the water consumers can no longer stomach endless arguments between the City Government and the  Dumaguete City Water District. They just run in circles while  the population of water consumers are getting larger. Soon  water will  not exactly be  supplied in steady abundance. Supply will get scarcer sooner if nothing is done but argue ad infinitum. Guys, shut up and put up!

The entry of Prime Water will match the dwindling service of DCWD who is anticipating a future incapacity thus, they took a partner in MetroPac.  But careful now, City-run Prime Water, some politicians  with you  will not be faithful in paying their bills.  Watch them, and cut them off with impunity.

We say, go ahead boys, make it good, the more the merrier we consumers will be happy because you will be competing for lower rates and better service. Water will be cheaper by the dozen.

If you like, let’s welcome a third player water supplier for the City.

We consumers are sick and tired of your endless lousy arguments and you cowards  do not even face each other in all your arguments.   Therefore now, may the best supplier of water win, and here’s a water toast to both of you for