The need for moral recovery


We have to admit the much-needed direction and guidance from God especially during these times of too much materialism and consumerism.  We need to ask the Lord to guide us and to lead us to maintain our old virtues, as there is now the need to return to the old and standard concepts of morality.  We need to go back to the infallible teachings of Christ and not of the teachings of this world.  By returning to the old virtues and values, we are neither obsolete nor irrelevant, because Christ is “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.  To throw away these virtues and values is to throw away God from our lives.  We should strive to live the interior renewal of man, “of the man who works and who in his work is so extroverted that he no longer fully possesses communication within himself”.  To lose communication within himself is a great disaster for anyone, because he is liable to forget himself.  And this renewal should take place in people who work so much so that they do not rest at all, working almost day and night to earn money, to be rich, very rich, employing all means, good or bad, just or unjust.  There is no Sunday or Holiday for them.  They have no time for praying as if they have no soul to save, as if they have no God to adore, love, and serve.  They are as St. Paul said: “quorum deus vester est”, their stomach is their God.  Once we lose communication within ourselves we lose the motion of our insufficiency and we forget the words of Christ who said:   “Without me, you can do nothing”, and,  “In vain they labored, who build a house, unless God builds it with them”.

We should not forget that we are human beings and not machines, and while we have to work, yes, to serve, and to earn our daily bread, it is not like the pagans and gentiles who have no hope nor trust in God.  We should realize that true happiness cannot be found in this world.  That is why we need to renew our love for God, renew our vision with God by being closely and intimately united and identified with God through holiness.  If we are not good, we cannot make others good.  We need to raise the level of religion in our hearts and it shall rise in the world; for he who attempts to set up God’s kingdom in his heart furthers it in the world.