The Philippine saga of vote buying…


The saga of vote buying in all Philippine political elections  is a shame for Filipinos the world over and is subject of ridicule by our neighbors.  But the face of the voter is so  thickened by the fact that stealing and corruption are part of the Philippine culture starting from the top of course with exceptions.

If our leaders (not all) will continue this culture of corruption and vote buying during elections, we will never have the chance of getting good public officials beause Philippine elections are now a monopoly of the rich.  No money , no honey. No brains, have money , will honey. What a shame.

The so-called poor but deserving citizens have no chance of getting elected to the top of public service officialdom because to get there, you have to bribe and buy your way to the top. No money, no honey.

That is why we have two million OFWs. They get out to seek greener pastures because Philippine public service is a sham.

Look at the quality of some of our senatorial or even congressional line up nationwide. Does it speak of quality candidates? Of course not.  Elections are only for the rich. The poor voter  will just be bought.


Mere mentioning of imposing intellectual qualification to our candidates or stopping political dynasties is immediately halted, aborted, and killed on the spot.

Did you ever wonder why, despite the prohibition of political dynasties in our very Constitution, no such law has ever been passed?  It is because the rich and famous want to lord it over the Philippine officialdom.They immediately kill such bill if filed in Congress.  So how can we progress with honesty?

Were you not shocked to hear one public official who said that “You have nothing to do with what I  earn outside my public office.” Why? Where does this dishonest public official earn his millions? Inside his public office?  F-you!

Admittedly, many of the rich public officials elected thru vote buying do not need the money at all because they are already rich enough.  But what they long for is the prestige, the accolade, the so-called “legacy”  which money cannot buy, but which money  flowed like honey as a requirement to get one elected to such prestigious office.

YES, P12 F-thousand

Do you know that the highest vote so far in this 2019 elections cost as high as P12,000 per voter?

Yes, Virginia, your packing vote in a place like neighbor city of Dapitan now could cost P12,000 per voter and to buy 40,000 voters just to win this local election will shock you to high heavens.

We can authenticate that because no less than an election leader told it to us before the eyes and ears of local candidates of Dumaguete.

We were all shocked to learn that one single  vote now could cost P12,000 per voter, just to win a mayoral, gubernatorial or congressional seat in a place like Dapitan which is just 2 hours away from Dumaguete.

We also have a place like Siquijor which is also racing on these voting rates.  Bohol too is not exempted from the race.

Why not here?

Thank God it is not happening in Dumaguete. If so, the vote we hear is only costing P300 to P700 per voter to the max.

Why is that?

We venture to say that :  it is because of our strong educational institutions,  our schools, universities and colleges which are imbued with Christian principles.

More-over,  most of our candidates are products and graduates  of these  Christian  universities such as Silliiman, St Paul, Foundation, and NORSU.  Most if not all professors and most candidates   also finished from these schools. The parents of students also went  to school in these institutions. Even the market stall vendors in our city most send most of their children to these schools here.


It is so embarrassing and self-defeating if you buy your way to public  office here in Dumaguete . In the towns, maybe—  but not that much with such  a price.

But money talks.

It is true that when you go up to the hinterlands, money talks because money is scarce there. Of course even the last barangay elections, a vote cost as high as Php700 per voter. But the heart of the city did not buy that.


Most people are also made of God-fearing religious stuff. At least they profess to be.  It will be too embarrassing if people will know that your  candidate is buying votes just to be elected.  Why? Is he not qualified?

One attempted.

At least there was one candidate who attempted to buy his way to public office here by offering some atm cards whatever. But there was a bank failure. So the scheme flopped, causing  his  candidacy to self-destruct.


This is one thing we are proud in our city and province. Vote buying is here but not that high a price.  Votes still cost a token compared to place like Dapitan, Dipolog, Siquijor and even Bohol.

Do you know that in these places, money is much thicker than blood , friendship, and kinship?   In those places, even if you are close relatives and kins, if you don’t come up with the price, you don’t get his/her vote no matter how qualified you are.

Progress and corruption:

Yet it is a sad fact that once the city progresses, once there are big investors, once there are bigger interests at stake, once the drug business flourishes some more,  corruption also progresses. Votes also become more expensive. WE just pray that our voters will not also metamorphose into becoming  such alligators.

Of course vote buying is happening all over. But  what we are trying to say is that excessive vote buying is too much . It only shows how unqualified the candidate is if he buys his way to pubic office.


If the time will come when all candidates will first pass a qualifying exam to such a position, before he or she is allowed to run for public office, then perhaps that will be the time when we will finally get the elusive, ideal, real, and truly good and quality candidates, rich or poor,  because  he or she will hold high the motto that a “public office is a public trust” not a public trash.