The unhappy marriage


A happy marriage can improve life. On the other hand, an unhappy marriage can leave emotional scars on both you and your children.

  1. Any sort of stress can have a negative effect on your health. For instance, anxiety can cause damage to your heart and your digestive system.

Being in a bad union can actually weaken your immune system or your child’s,  making it much harder to get over common colds and infections.   Anxiety can make you gain weight as an unhappy person might find comfort in food .

2. With children of very poor upbringing, we see instances of sustance abuse, such as from drugs and alcohol.

An unhappy marriage filled with chaos, anger, and sadness can drive a child to seek relief through substances.

They lose faith in those who raised them.

  1. Children may exhibit anxiety, poor grades in school, anger and be unable to communicate effectively. They grow up angry and unable to focus.
  2. As the relationship deteriorates, parents will spend less time on social activities, further withdrawing from society.

Although being an introvert (shy) is fairly normal, withdrawal socially because of bad relationships is not.

  1. In an unhappy marriage, the children are more likely to grow up to be overly serious adults.

They may be a bit uptight and hard to deal with at times. It will be hard for them to come out of their shell and have fun.