The Youth as Champions for the City


We go through life searching for purpose and significance.  Why are we here? What is our mission, we often wonder.  Surely, there’s got to be more to life than just living, working, achieving success, raising a family, then dying when our time comes.

Our knowledge, talents, skills, giftedness, for instance, are hidden treasures that can lift, inspire, bless and empower others.  These give us a taste of fulfillment and significance.

Last Feb. 22, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) honoured 982 students or almost 10% of an estimated 10,000 students from the main campus and the Bajumpandan campus during this year’s Recognition Day rites.  The keynote speaker was Reginald N. Tamsi, a CPA, MSF magna cum laude graduate of the NORSU’s BS Accountancy program, Batch 2009.  He  currently works as Senior Financial Analyst at a large and reputable company in Manila.  He exemplified someone who transcended humble beginnings and adversities to go for his dreams.  Reginald never knew his father and lived in a house shared with his mother, aunts, uncles and other relatives.  He had to make do with very little allowance while studying.  Reginald maximized his time at the NORSU by applying himself diligently to his studies. This, combined with the relevant experience he gained from working, enabled him to be a productive member of society.  Reginald shared his story to inspire and motivate students to persevere despite obstacles and challenges.

Medals, awards and  honors are affirmations of exemplary performance in certain fields.  But we shouldn’t stop at receiving awards.  Learning is continuous all through life.  The next step would be to search for purpose and significance.  For what would all these awards do if we cannot help others in our community and our city?

When young people look for jobs, they usually go to bigger cities like Cebu and Manila where there are more job openings.  But their talents, creativity and skill set could shine and flourish right here in Dumaguete.  They can be hired to help solve the issues of the city.  They can work in waste management, disaster preparedness, clean and renewable energy and environmental sustainability programs and projects.  They could also be entrepreneurs imbued with corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment.  They are the champions of tomorrow who can help make Dumaguete a cleaner, more livable city.