Tourists support tempura transfer

TOURISTS LAUD TEMPURA TRANSFER. MOST TOURISTS AND VISITORS favor the transfer of the colorful Tempura mart to a better and safer place at the south boulevard because the present site is a traffic hazard and endanger the citizens to wayward vehicular accidents.

Many tourists expressed optimism and ap-preciation  that the current location of tempurahan in the Rizal Boulevard will be relocated to a better and more scenic location because the present one fronting Silliman hall  exposes them to danger being a traffic hazard.  They claim that any wayward vehicle could bulldoze both vendors and costumers causing loss of life and limb.

This is added to the fact tourists say, in other countries, outdoor eateries are usually the target of suicide and even drunken drivers who just bulldoze their way to the crowd.

Mayor Ipe REmollo said that he will not wait for this tragedy God forbid, to happen. He will opt to take the option of safety and the better good for Dumaguetenos.

However, in the spirit of fairness, those who will refuse to relocate will run the risk of the danger including their customers. No customer would like to be in danger while eating in luxury of fresh air at the boulevard. Everybody wants to be safe.

Also, after a certain deadine, those who will refuse to transfer will no longer enjoy the privilege of a mayor’s permit in the old area.

Doing business in the city is a privilege, not a right. The City government has the duty to regulate things for the safety and public good. It is part of the Constitutional duty of ensuring the public welfare and safety through police power.

Thus, to ensure the safety of both vendors and patrons, authorities and even most TOURISTS would prefer that the tempurahan be transferred to a larger and more secure place at the newly refurbished and reinforced shoreline near the volleyball beach playground where future city events will also be held.

Thus the people will have better access, better market, and a more safe location.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo emphasized  that the vendors themselves would  be allowed to  voluntarily transfer to a place that is economically viable to sustain their livelihood subject to the viability study of the City.


The city government is currently rehabilitating and constructing shoreline protection in the southern part of Rizal Boulevard, which will also be developed into the new sports and cultural complex of the city where people can converge for entertainment and recreation.

Last week, Mayor Remollo presided the turnover of livelihood packages to 32 tempura vendors represented by its President Brichi Alcoran at the Rizal Boulevard with the officers of the Department of Labor and Employment Sandra Delfin and Engr Jasmin Bala Cortes. City Councilor Manuel Arbon and Sectoral Desk Head Albert Aquino also attended the simple ceremony.

Public Employment Service Officer Socorro P. Mira, who facilitated the release of the livelihood packages, enumerated the items released to the tempura vendors, as follows: 64 mini tables 64 American Matic umbrellas, 352 plastic chairs 32 gasolito, 64 cases mineral water, 64 cases softdrinks, 32 mini carts, 32 frying pans, 32 aprons and 32 hairnets.

Each vendor received 4 trays of balot, 5 packs tempura, 5 packs squidballs, 5 pcks fishballs and one year accident insurance from GSIS.


Mayor Remollo expressed gratitude to DOLE for the assistance and lauded the vendors for their observance of traffic rules and in keeping their respective places clean before and after using their spots in the boulevard every day, thus turning it into a tourism destination.

He said that the city will continue to hold sports tourism events like in the past two years to draw more visitors every month so they could earn more income and provide decent living for their families.

Mayor Remollo said that the city will host the CVRAA, PRISAA, Dragon Boat, beach volleyball, frisbee and other events that will surely spur economic activities here.