Tricycles vs terror


Dumaguete city officialdom and the people, are  dismayed over the disapproval by the Provincial Board of a new ordinance requiring all tricycle drivers to be registered under any legitimate organization of their kind and choice because this is part of the City Government’s regulatory function to protect the general welfare.

In this age of terrorism, city law and traffic enforcers even tricycle drivers notice so many illegal drivers roaming the city streets today, especially at night time, some renting tricycle units, some just substituting the real drivers in exchange of other amenities.

THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS SECURITY ISSUE  because if colorum or illegal  drivers are manning tricycles without regulation, the entire city of Dumaguete is endangered of being monitored by terrorists and criminals.

Drivers must know their members and their organizations fined heavily if a tricycle unit is found to be driven by  one who is not the real registered driver. That man could be a criminal, casing a person or place. He could be a terrorist plotting weak parts of the city. Attn.  councillor  Alan Cordova, ordinance author.Fight this out.

The CCCTV network  no matter how many will be no match if the criminals and terrorists in disguise  are driving tricycles. If a legitimate driver is found to be a criminal or terrorist the entire organization will be sanctioned and suspended operations for not sanitizing their ranks.

If our City Council has to go to court if not re-considered by the provincial board, then by all means go to court. There are six lawyers in the City Council and if they lose this case, they better prepare to lose their seats and their turfs, in the next elections, for not fighting to protect the people from REAL (not a potential)   harm.