Two water suppliers to serve Dumaguete?

Why not?

Since  the present water district has openly  said that it can no longer single-handedly supply the water needs of this capital city for the next five to ten years, then it is only logical that  the City government must now welcome more players. Luckily there is another called Prime Water.

Not to be outdone, the City Water District is also partnering with another water supplier of its choice which is called the MetroPac. Well then, the more the merrier, as one water consumer said, and may the best supplier get the most number of customers, he added.


The Prime Water    has just concluded its public hearing   last Thursday  which was called by the City Council for other interested suppliers to join and make their offer. So long as they qualify, there is no need for a bidding said BAC officer  Duram Dumalagan who is the city legal officer of Mayor Ipe Remollo who concurred. This is simply accepting who will offer and to compare if there are others.

They were represented in the public hearing by Nino Lucban and Rony Roger Pereyra.

Initially the Prime  Water  intends to start in areas that are not serviced by the City Water District, and in time for the expansion of the City to the barangays. Later they will expand to the local commercial and residential areas.  They will also soon tap both upland and lowland water sources.

They will have to compete with rates imposed by  the Water District or demand  equal   rates, so that there will be fair competition.

The advantage is that the Prime Water  will be paying the City Government a sizable rate of its use of water and its ground to install the pipes. The rate payment is starting at  P1 one pesos  per cubic meter served./+


On the other hand, the Metro Pac water supplier of the City Water District will take over 80% of the assets of the DCWD and run the operation on a partnership basis .

Naturally the water district will get lesser income while the supplier wil get 80% share because by then it will be running the whole thing.

What the City Government objected in Court was the inclusion of the water septage facilities which the City owns with the DCWD. Therefore, the City is asking that the septage facilities will be left with  the City. They are seeking a TRO  and granted, yet on appeal.


The Water District is a G0CC a (national) Government Owned and Controlled Corporation therefore, is not owned by the LGU. It is also autonomous by law and therefore runs its own affairs without the City intervention.

As a GOCC , however, the Water District is supposed to use the counsel from the GOCC , that of the National Water Resources Board, not a private counsel.

Thus, the role of the private counsel does not have the deputization from the National Water Resources Board therefore, all his arguments and representation in court will be nullified as out of jurisdiction, according to city government legal minds.

Even  if they get that deputization from the GOCC,  since that will be after the fact, then all past transactions under the non-GOCC council will be void, said the legal minds of the City government., unless the established jurisprudence will be reversed by the Supreme Court.

For the water consumers which are growing by the hundreds monthly,  this two water suppliers will be better and merrier. It can also invoke efficiency if one supplier will go lax in its overall service.

This two water suppliers for  the City will be an advantage to  our progress. With competitive rates, there will be no end in charging  the public a higher water rate that should not compromise the liabilities of both parties.