Water monopoly aborted by City

Another  water company is applying for a franchise to operate a water supply system in Dumaguete. This aborts the virtual attempt of the City Water District, a government-owned and -controlled corporation, to run the city water industry as a monopoly with a private firm.

And the City Council has approved  the  application of the new stakeholder,   to join in the public bidding.  The City Water District, foresees correctly that in the coming years, DCWD  can no longer run the water industry of this booming city  alone by itself. It needs a partner to beef up its millions of pesos of new facilities and requirements.

In Wednesday’s regular session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, a favorable  endorsement of the Technical Working Group (TWG) was taken up, for the application of Prime Water Infarastructure Corporation’s application to establish a water supply system in the city.

Earlier, the City Water District pushed for a singular applicant. Yet another earlier interested investor was  declined by DCWD for technical reasons.  Obviously against public opinion, the DCWD appeared to have one favoured investor, which the City Council virtually aborted for the good of the greater number of consumers.

The Technical Working Group, or TWG also submitted a consolidated evaluation and recommendation on the company’s franchise application.

Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas said the application will go through the process of three readings including a public hearing.

For transparency, Coun. Arbas is inviting the public to be present on the scheduled public hearing on Thursday next week, 1:00 pm at the session hall.