Water refill stations’ overflow scored by City

Water Refill Association at BAI RADIO "CROSSTALK" urged to police their own ranks while DOH will strictly supervise, and implement water standards.

The City Council has unanimously supported the call of Councilman Manuel Arbon in urging the city executive department to take a harder look at the situation of the proliferation of water refilling stations in Dumaguete whose operations among many of them, may not be  at par with the standards of quality drinking water set forth by the Dept of Health.

The Dumaguete Association of Healthy Water Refillers Inc, (photo at right) expressed their desire to police their own ranks against illegal dealers who might compromise the quality of drinking water, because they are mere sub-agents and not producers of mineral or purified drinking water.

Mario Buñor, DAHWRI  vice president of the group (center at photo on page 1) told BAI RADIO M DYEM “CROSSTALK” show  that the association  will lobby before the City Council in support of the call of Arbon for water refillers to police their own ranks before the government steps in to enforcer quality of their products.

On the other hand the City Health officer ( photo) Dr Sarah Tala and sanitatry Inspector Marissa Papas, forewarned water refillers group  that only those who comply with the DOH standards will be issued a renewed mayor’s permit this year. Already the    DOH has closed down two illegal drinking water dealers.

The DAHWRI group however assured the over 90,000 water-refill consumers of Dumaguete that their legitimate members are following DOH standards./

Arbon expressed concern that there are water –refilled gallons that are very dirty, as he feared that the contents might not be as clean too.

Other officers of the DAHWRI are Mimi Dupio, president; Leonila Diao, secretary; Loreta de Bruin, treasurer;  Felix Pino auditor; Grace Ann Tejano, PRO;

Directors: Robert Barba. Fermin Sienes, Abias Elnar, Mildred Aquino, Carlos Acuesta, and Eileen Algarme.