What is wellness?


We can have emotional wellness, physical wellness and wellness of the earth. We can also have spiritual wellness.

One way of looking at spiritual wellness is when what you are doing and who you are inside are in harmony. What you are doing includes your personal life, business life and perhaps a religious life as well.

Have you ever noticed that those people that are concerned about ecology are also concerned about their physical health?

Actually all the different types of wellness work together as a whole. If people are abusing drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or even food they tend not to feel well. They may not be thinking about taking care of the environment to maintain our planet for our children and grandchildren.

If you have heard the term Holistic Health it refers to the mind, body and spirit working together. You can think of everybody being like a big boulder or rock and they are  rolling either uphill or downhill.

They are rolling towards health or sickness.  Whichever way they are going it will be hard to stop them because their boulder has a lot of mass and momentum. The people with poor life habits will resist change. On the positive side,  the people improving their health will also stand firm about their upward momentum.