When Jesus forgives, he forgets


To forgive and not to judge are signs that we are merciful. And yet, I hear you say, “That’s so difficult.” Yes, it is difficult. Jesus therefore challenges us to grow and mature spiritually. We can only grow and mature spiritually when we are challenged with something difficult.

Let’s hear once more what Pope Francis has to say: “May Lent prepare our hearts to receive God’s forgiveness, but let us receive it and then do the same with others: forgive heartily.

Perhaps you never even greet me in the street, but in my heart I have forgiven you. In this way, we get closer to this thing so great, so godly, which is mercy. When we forgive we open our hearts so that God’s mercy might come and forgive us.

We all need to be pardoned, to be forgiven. Let us forgive, and we shall be forgiven. Let us be merciful to others, and we shall feel the mercy of God, who, when He forgives, [also] ‘forgets’” (March 1, 2016). Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD

We need to repent of our sins. God’s mercy is always available to us if we humbly ask for His forgiveness. The most difficult part is humbly admitting our sins. Let us pray for the grace and humility to come before God in repentance.

Daniel 9:4-10

8 Remember not against us the iniquities of the past; may your compassion quickly come to us, for we are brought very low. (R) Help us, O God, our Savior, because of the glory of your name; deliver us and pardon our sins for Your name’s sake.