Where faith comes in


Life may appear as a terrible catastrophe, a sad alignment of difficulties which may make you question whether there even is a God, but the story has not been finished, the song has not yet ended, and God isn’t through with you.  Friend, if you had the vantage of God in the situations confronting you, would you look differently at things?  If you knew something of His plan and power to bring order out of chaos, would you be as worried as you are?

That’s where trust has to come into the picture.  Before you can really trust God in times of difficulty, you need to settle several issues:  1.You need to accept what the Bible says, that God is a good God and that as Jeremiah wrote, He has plans for His own children far beyond what we see or even think. 2. You need to realize that He has no respect of persons. What He has done for individuals whom you read about in the Bible, He will do for you, and 3. You need to take the step of faith whereby you say, “Yes, God, I’ll trust you just for today, so take my hand and walk with me.”  Yes, God, just for today.

Resource reading: Jeremiah 33.