Works like ‘grab’; 135 units eyed; to test Dumaguete market, not compulsory

EVOLUTION of the tricycle is at hand In Dumagete with the advent of Piaggio Or the Pedi-Grab which works like the Taxi-Grab where the passenger simply Dials the apps and presto in a few minutes A tricycle like this will be in your doorstep. This is not compulsory. Only for those who Wish to take the Pedi-Grab, or you choose To ride the old reliable cranky tricycle.

The evolution of the tricycle  the most popular means of city transport has come.  Some 27 Transport Operators and Drivers Associations (TODAS) of Dumaguete have favored the conversion of their decades old cranky units into a modern “Pedi-Grab.”

PediGrab operates most similarly as the taxi Grab. A passenger uses his apps to call a Pedi-Grab and in minutes the unit is there to pick upthe passenger.

No more agonizing minutes of waiting. No more argument as to where is one’ going. No more argument about fare.  Because the PediGrab already prints it in your cellphone screen even before you ride, you will know your fare to such destination.

It may be a little expensive like P20minimum but it is worth the convenience.

The good part is this is NOT COMPULSORY. If the tricycle operator may still opt to stick to his old cranky unit, the long rounds of looking for passengers, the cranky unfriendly unit to tourists, and the uncertainty of official fares. Most of all the delays.

Initially, the 27 tricycle associations desired to avail of five initial units to test the market.  If it clicks, proceed. If it doesn’t and does more harm, then stop it.

The initial 135 units will be distributed to the 27 tricycle associations who will choose the driver.  Initially, the LGU intends to co-sponsor the down payment partly, and help dispose of the old unit as junk worth P10,000 which will go to the owner.

Minimum amortization is P280 per day, quite similar to the present tricycle  rental. But the unit is brand new and will run on top economy of fuel consumption. Anyone may buy a unit for family private use. It is amortized for three years.

The cost of unit is between P180,000 for the simplest unit and P280,000 for the diesel fueled unit with six passengers.

City Mayor Remollo reiterated that this is a test run. Depends if the community would like to modernize its mass transport system from bad to better. The test run is already part of public consultation of its viability and acceptability.

Pedi-Grab investor of Autoitalia Miguelito Jose confers the details of the proposal for mass transport for Dumaguete using the Grab Apps technology, with Mayor Remollo at the poolside of his Cantil-e residence.


A private company is ready to partner with any financial institution to help interested tricycle drivers and operators to own a Grab Trike unit that will serve as an alternative to the traditional means of transportation in Dumaguete City.

Miguelito L. Jose, Senior Vice-President of Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises, makers of Piaggio discussed the merits of the proposed Grab Trike Premium before an audience composed of officers of tricycle drivers and operators associations, Punong Barangays and City Officials, recently.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo inquired on other schemes of payments that will be affordable to ordinary drivers and citizens.

Mayor Remollo will also consult the members of the City Council on whether it is necessary to provide additional franchise of at least 135 units for Grab Trike Premium in addition to the 2,500 franchises issued to the existing tricycles now operating in the city.

The 135 units for the PediGrab  Premium will be used to test whether the system works well and if viable to operate in Dumaguete City. Meanwhile, it is clarified that the tricycles already operating in the city will not be phased out.

Jose stressed that his company offers a complete 3-wheel vehicle package inclusive of smart phones from Cherry Mobile that contains the PediGrab  Premium application.

Adopting the Grab Trike Premium system using Piaggio Ape tricycle units in the city affords the following benefits and advantages: carry more passengers, no increase in traffic, less pollution, less tricycles on standby or roving, more livelihood opportunities by generating more income to more drivers, environment friendly that complies with international regulations, cost efficient use of diesel fuel, improve short-distance commute, easy acquisition through piso down payment program, shortened working hours with better income and more quality time with family, earn extra income by lending the unit to other drivers through shifting, reverse gear is a standard feature, fully-protected during rainy and summer seasons without the need to wear jackets and arm sleeves, solution to overcharging of fares, no need to wait for long queues at the terminal or be a chance passenger, grab application gives you precise information while waiting and travel time.